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I am not going to make many friends with this review, but i’m going to lay it out exactly how I see it.  Have you ever seen ‘From Dusk Til Dawn?’  I feel as though the statute of limitations on ‘Dusk’ has long since run out, so I am about to spoil that movie without spoiling this one.  In ‘Dusk,’ you have two different directors that pretty much split the movie down the middle.  You have the first half, directed by Quentin Tarantino, which is very indicative of his style and reminiscent of his other films.  About half-way through though, it turns into this crazy, over the top vampire movie, directed by Robert Rodriguez, and it leaves you feeling like “What just happened here?”  That is what viewers are in for when they step into ‘This is the End.’

I really enjoyed all of the cameos and the actors playing caricatures of themselves.  It was very funny and I laughed at a lot of the bits.  The stuff with Michael Cera?  Genius.  That said, you can only take that so far and the last half of the movie wasn’t nearly as fun and enjoyable as the first half.  I really don’t know how they could have avoided it, given the premise of the movie.  And speaking of the premise, I found myself wondering early on how they were going to end the movie.  They don’t give themselves much room on that account.  I wasn’t overly satisfied with the ending, but it is what it is.  They do the best they can trying to cap it off with a laugh.  A ridiculous laugh, but a laugh nonetheless.

If you love the people involved with this movie, by all means go see it in theaters.  Otherwise, it is a good one to catch at RedBox when they are out of the one  you went there to rent.

Ticket price: $9.00 matinee (courtesy of MoviePass)

Trailers:  The Lone Ranger, The Grandmaster, Anchorman 2, Kick Ass 2, We’re the Millers, The Heat, some movie about demon hunters that I missed the title of and Grown Ups 2


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