Monthly Archives: April 2013

We moved to a new home about 6 weeks ago.  Based on how much better it performed than Time Warner at the old place, we installed U-Verse again at the new house.  Here are our results:

Nice ping and not a bad speed.  Now all I need is to find some time to unpack the rest of my boxes and connect my Xbox so I can get some gaming in!  What are your speeds these days?  Share em here!  If you need to test them, go to

Wow, I just noticed the Grade is C+.  Man, what do we need to get more than barely above average?!

Geoff, Jordan and Brick talk about and spoil The Walking Dead finale, as well as the season opener for Game of Thrones and a few new shows that have popped up on the tellie.  Geoff’s microphone gets turned back on at about two and a half minutes in.  Jordan is a jerk.  Thank you.  The music in the audio program is Nena’s cover of “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star.