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Hey, folks!  Our fearless leader wanted to look into adding forums to our existing WordPress page, so help us out and start throwing in some topics.  I was going to start some test topics, but that immediately felt ridiculous to me.  I started three forum categories to start and will add from there.  If you have any suggestions or other comments, this is as good a place as any for them.  Or any of my other hundred points of contact.  Enjoy!

We are going to be kicking the tires for a bit and testing out different themes.  If you see or don’t see a feature that you really like, please suggest it.  I have found a number of really sweet themes, but a lot of them require Photoshop CS+ to edit them, which takes it outside of my current skill set.  Also, I would have to buy that software and THEN learn how to use it.  I don’t quite have that much time currently, but I promise that we will continue working to make the site the very best that we can.  Thank you all so much!

Bear with us. We’re working on updating everything and we’ll be back soon.  In the meantime go see a movie, play a game or listen to some music.  See ya back soon!

I recommend you hold off on logging in or creating a user for now until we can updated the plugins and whatnot.  Give us some time.  We hope to be done by the end of today or tomorrow at the latest.  Thanks!