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LobbycastGeoff | June 16, 2013 | COMMENTS:11 Comments »


Hey, folks!  Our fearless leader wanted to look into adding forums to our existing WordPress page, so help us out and start throwing in some topics.  I was going to start some test topics, but that immediately felt ridiculous to me.  I started three forum categories to start and will add from there.  If you have any suggestions or other comments, this is as good a place as any for them.  Or any of my other hundred points of contact.  Enjoy!

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  1. lovekeiiy says:

    why not start with something easy such as Xbox One discussion, PS4 discussion.

    I would love to have forums on here. I don’t like I have to have WordPress installed to start a new topic. Since I refuse to install it, it makes sense I haven’t started any new discussions on here.

  2. Avatar photo LobbycastGeoff says:

    Your will, my hand. Anything else?

  3. Avatar photo Peench says:

    You da man Geoff! Thank you!

    I’m trying to add a link to the forum up at the top next to the “About Us” page but I’m having a tough time figuring it out. Any ideas?

  4. Avatar photo LobbycastGeoff says:

    You could just put an arrow pointing to the right. Hahaha!

  5. Avatar photo SummerLakeRat says:

    Let’s get this going. I miss PGL. Bring it back.

    That’s my topic.

  6. Avatar photo SummerLakeRat says:

    Also, what brought people back daily in the absence of new exciting news was daily chatter, humor, news, etc. Creating a forum for that would be my recommendation.

  7. Avatar photo SummerLakeRat says:

    Is there any chance the actual website would come back? I would be willing to help out / donate to the cause however I could.

  8. Avatar photo LobbycastGeoff says:

    Really, all that you would be talking about is a coat of paint, as this is a website with forums. 🙂 I don’t know how to design in WordPress, so I have been limited to themes made by others. I have been itching to put more time in, but life is busy.

    Right now, I am working a full time job, doing a volunteer shift at my buddy’s brewery, doing the show (recording, editing and publishing) and editing a book. And occasionally hanging out with friends.

    We could definitely use more articles (and someone to flesh these out as they are fed from my twitter feed), reviews and pretty much any original stuff!

  9. Avatar photo SummerLakeRat says:

    Cool Geoff. I don’t understand WordPress. That said, one of our websites is a WordPress creation and it’s a pretty cool website, so I guess I did sort of know it had narrower limitations than I gave it. I just forget because I don’t understand it.

  10. Avatar photo SummerLakeRat says:

    Brewery, eh? See, that’s the stuff that makes me want to come back. Talk about your experiences with this brewery. I’ve seen Facebook posts from Sam that made me wonder if he started one. I love breweries and the idea of one day having my own is what drove me to get my business degree. You should start a topic/thread about your experiences.

  11. Avatar photo LobbycastGeoff says:

    Sam works at the same one in an official capacity. I’m just the free whipping boy. 🙂

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