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New Xbox Live Rewards

NewLiveRewards New Xbox Live Rewards program has been announced.  I got the following email:

We’ve rethought what it means to be rewarded. We’ve listened to your feedback and added new rewards into the mix. And now we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you – our most dedicated Xbox fans.

Here are some of the changes you’re about to enjoy:

  • Earn Rewards Credits, turn them into cash, spend them at the Xbox Stores.

  • You achieved, now receive more! Introducing a new MyAchievements VIP tier for our most dedicated gamers.

  • Get paid to play! Introducing a new reward for playing the latest games.

  • Knock out new Punchcards – now easier and faster to get your Rewards!

  • And keep earning by renewing your Gold membership, spending at the Xbox Stores, referring your friends, taking surveys and more!

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New Console News

Xbox One

Still no release date but many who attended PAX indicated they were happy with the offerings.  With 2+ hour long waits to play, it looks as if Titanfall will be a hit when it releases.  Good news has been circulating about most of what was seen at PAX this year.

Microsoft also renamed the Xbox Live Marketplace to Xbox Games Store.  The Xbox Games Store rounds out the trifecta of Xbox related “stores” along with Xbox Music Store and Xbox Video Store.  Source.

Sony Playstation

Playstation Vita online play will not require a Playstation Plus account like the PS4 currently does.  You will, however, need a Playstation Plus account to play PS4 games online remotely through your PS Vita.  Source.


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