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No response from our host

Peench | January 16, 2013 | COMMENTS:3 Comments »

I have updated our trouble ticket with our host 3 times now asking for an update and have received absolutely no response.  I had asked that they respond with an update by this morning and that they move our host by today.  My last update asked them if I should assume by their lack of response that they are not interested in keeping us as a customer.  If they don’t move our site by today then tomorrow I’m signing up for another host and will have to move the site to someone else.

I have a couple of other sites hosted with Dreamhost and they have a shared host plan that would cost us $108/year.  Since I already know how they work they would be the easiest to switch to.  I’d shut the site down here, back it up and then try to put it back up over there.  If that doesn’t work we can always start over since we don’t have much of substance here yet.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

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