Tagged: bad customer service

Yeah, nothing new from our host.  You’d think after 7 years of being with a company they would give 2 shits about you.  Apparently not.  I’d have better luck dealing with an entirely new company as they might be remotely interested in gaining a new customer.  Not our host.  They are apparently of the belief that dicking around with your customers is a better business model.

Okay, so perhaps that was a bit harsh but I’ve had a long day and I’m tired.  I really can’t believe the bullshit hoops that our host is making us jump through for the honor of continuing to be their customer.  I guess since I gave them until tomorrow I can’t bitch too much more than I already have.  But if this isn’t resolved tomorrow I’ll be signing up with a new host on Thursday and moving everything to the new host and canceling with these bitches.

So with that bitch-fest out of the way, I’m gonna go work out before I fall asleep.  Peace out yo.