Feature Requests for Xbox One

Peench | July 9, 2014 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

How many of you have visited feedback.xbox.com and submitted feedback to Microsoft for the Xbox One? I’ve submitted a few requests and ideas but thought I’d start a thread her for us to further discuss.

One thing that I find very odd is that there is not a set location on the console for game trailers and previews. My buddy is over this week visiting and I started telling him about all of the cool games we saw at E3. He hadn’t seen the coverage yet.

I opened up my Xbox One thinking I would show him all of the cool trailers from the show only to find out they were nowhere to be found. Even games on the console didn’t all have trailers. Not only did I miss out on showing him some cool games, but Microsoft missed out on me being able to market the upcoming games to someone who wanted to know what else to buy this year.

There should absolutely be a central location not only for trailers for existing games but also for upcoming games as well. Perhaps even with a link to allow preordering the games. The best time to make a sale is after we see an awesome preview trailer and are all pumped up about the game, right? Why not take advantage of that?

What else would you like to see on the One?

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