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Well my first hour with this new console.

Pros: very small, controller feels solid (my complaint with the PS3), interface is simple but effective, download model seems to work, free play built into each game, remembers where you left off in the game

Cons: feels like a cell phone, games don’t have a console feel (no exit in some cases), sticky controls, slow downloads, gets hot


Overall I’m pretty impressed for something that cost $95.

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  1. lovekeiiy says:

    I got mine last Tuesday, May 7. I haven’t had much of chance to fiddle with it. I did do some upacking pictures: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=41166817&postcount=50

    I played one game, a lot like Portal. The free portion was only the first level. I need to play some other games to see if there is anything going on with the controller.

    I tried to side load GTA3 and GTAVC. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a way to unpack the APK. Need to install a file explorer and SuperUser via ADB push. I just haven’t had a chance to install the Ouya SDK and drivers.

    Overall, the system is interesting for $99. Since it’s basically still in beta, I will hold final judgment till a later date.

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