Speculation on the Ability to Play Used Games on the Next Xbox

LobbycastGeoff | March 21, 2013 | COMMENTS:1 Comment »

With Xbox ‘Durango’ Requiring Full Game Installs, Is Microsoft Locking Out Used Game Sales?


Earlier this week, fresh screenshots of the Durango XDK (the developer kit) leaked, and pointed to the next-generation Xbox console requiring all games to be installed to the hard drive. According to the alleged documents, retail game discs will be installed to the console’s hard drive and users can begin playing the game during installation. However, once the game is fully installed the game disc is no longer necessary, and playing from the optical drive will actually be prevented.

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  1. Avatar photo Peench says:

    What if I don’t have internet and want to play a single player game that I’ve purchased. Will I no longer be able to do so?

    Or, what if my internet is down and I want to play a single player game because I can’t play MP because my internet access is down? Will I still be able to play?

    Or, what if Live is down, will that prevent me from playing a single player game even if I purchased the disc?

    I’m all for battling piracy, but not when it comes at a huge price for people who simply want to buy a game and play it. Remember when consoles were simple and PC gamers had it rough when battling IRQ conflicts and stuff? 😉

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