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The database and a few of the other back end things are up and running now.  I think I installed the Facebook integration but I’m not positive yet because I’m currently logged in as admin so I don’t think it is linking with Facebook.  Does anyone want to give that a try and let me know how it works out?  We can always make adjustments or whatnot or delete and re-create your login if we need to.

I’ll be tweaking throughout the weekend but please feel free to start testing the waters and please let me know in the comments if things are or are not working.  You’ll need to be an approved user and have a comment approved before your comments will appear automatically (gotta control spam somehow), but once we get over that initial hurdle it shouldn’t be that much of an issue.

Once I have a few more people logged in I can assign roles to people who want to contribute content and we can start rolling things out again.  If you saved any content from the prior site, please feel free to email it to me.  I’m peench@<ourwebsitedomainname.com>.  Replace the stuff in brackets with pregamelobby and you’re set.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Avatar photo zoomzoom71 says:

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. lovekeiiy says:

    damn it, I didn’t get a chance to save the few threads I wanted to keep. I thought I had through the weekend to do it. Peench (JWOW)!!!!!

  3. Jagger says:

    I didn’t (and still don’t) see anything to do with Facebook. Though I may just be blind.

  4. adminPGL says:

    Thanks Zoom!

    Bot – let me know what threads they were and I might be able to grab them. Don’t go crazy though!

    Jagger – Hm. I see the back end stuff so perhaps I didn’t quite finish the install. There was some crazy developer stuff that was way above my head that I didn’t understand and perhaps I’ll have to look at it more closely and figure it out.

    Thanks all!

    ps – now that you three have approved comments your future comments will show up automatically without having to be approved. 🙂

  5. adminPGL says:

    Weird. Okay, so I got the like and send buttons to show up (see above).

    I turned on the option to post comments through your Facebook account but then the comments already made disappeared and it wouldn’t let you comment without being logged onto Facebook. Not sure I like that option. I’d rather have the choice.

    I’ll keep tinkering and if anyone knows the solution please let me know. Thanks!

  6. lovekeiiy says:

    The threads I wanted were my HTPC (home theater section, general), home office (PC general) off the top of my head. I reference them quite a bit. I updated them periodically too.

    On a similar token, I’ll be happy to the PS3 NAT2 thread go away. I held great disdain towards that thread, despite always answering people’s questions on it.

  7. lovekeiiy says:

    Other threads that may be of interest to may be the Plex. But that has a lot of information that can be found elsewhere, such as Plexapp.com. If others liked it, I’m willing to update with new updates.

    Same goes with the OnLive, Android or other such threads.

  8. lovekeiiy says:

    I did see the site giving a suggestion to the right about posts I may like. Unfortunately it was the PS3 NAT2 thread. I did click on the link, but the link goes to a page not found.

  9. adminPGL says:

    Thanks Bott. I’ll see what I can grab. Yeah, that you may also like thing… not sure where that is coming from or how to edit it but it is definitely pointing to the old forums.

  10. adminPGL says:

    Okay, I found the setting and got rid of that “you might also like” thing.

    I have asked our host to move us to a different server so we can save some money on hosting next year. We should be able to go from $900/yr to either $60/yr or $108/yr depending on whether we’ve cut our resource usage enough. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and let you all know what they say.

    As soon as we get the go ahead from them I’ll start posting up stuff and moving a few things over from the old site. The stuff that I can’t easily move I’ll create new posts for and the topic will have a new home.

    Then if any of you want to contribute let me know and I’ll change your settings. Thanks everyone!

  11. adminPGL says:

    Just got an initial response from the host. Apparently they forwarded the request to another team that works only during the week. I hope to have a response back from them tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

  12. lovekeiiy says:

    you still keeping the amazon link thing? I didn’t use it a bunch, but I tried to when I did place on Amazon.

  13. Avatar photo dmiller68 says:

    We do need to still pay the bills… The Amazon link should still pay the bills if people continue to use it.

  14. lovekeiiy says:

    isn’t that why your wife makes the big bucks, so the PGL can live for ever??? LOL. I just saw the Amazon link up the left corner.

  15. Avatar photo zoomzoom71 says:

    If you can get the ‘Conceal-Carry’ thread, that’d be great! Lots of useful info in there…

  16. Avatar photo Peench says:

    Thanks Zoom! That is one that I thought had quite a bit of activity lately so I wanted to see about getting it started again. It might, however, be tough as most of the info is in follow up posts in the thread but I’ll see how much of it I can grab.

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