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Do Not Fall  was developed by XPEC Entertainment Inc. It was released on 7/23/13 on the Playstation 3 for $9.99. A copy was provided for the PS 3 for review purposes. Multiplayer has not been reviewed at this time.

Do Not Fall Game Art

What? You have never heard of Do Not Fall? Neither had I.  I can honestly say that I never heard of XPEC Entertainment either. The quirky, upbeat music at the start screen is jolting. But not in an entirely negative fashion. I was teleported me back to the halcyon days of the original Playstation. The days where Jumping Flash, Crash Bandicoot and Bomberman Party Edition  reigned supreme. These games, their gameplay, themes and feel are definitely invoked in XPEC’s Do Not Fall. 

The Great:

Once you manage to press start and avoid the confusing storyline, the actual game is fun and challenging. Your anthropomorphic rabbit character with the unfortunate pleasure of being named PiPi hurdles through an elevated landscape that continually drops out from under your feet. Collecting items to purchase upgrades and unlocking later levels proves to be increasingly challenging as you progress. Controlling PiPi (yes, I will have fun with this) is fluid and tight. Jumps need to be made quickly and accurately while also being able to improvise with/against any sort of level specific obstacles. This gameplay is enjoyable in the fashion that other, more notable puzzle platformer gamers have managed. Bomberman and Adventures of LoLo came to mind as I both grinned and grimaced at level layouts and restrained controller hurling.

Frustrating? Yes. This game was frustrating at times. It was classically unforgiving. In the way that the 8-bit and 16 bit generations were. But there is something a little wonderful in that, it made me appreciate the need to relax and just pay attention to what I was doing as opposed to rushing through the level. The difficulty inspired me to collect extra items, collectables and complete in-game challenges.

Also refreshing, this is very family friendly game. E for everyone and all that.

The Good:

I really wish I had an opportunity to play this game online or with friends on the couch. I even tried on last time before writing this review. I was hoping that one or two poor souls who also noticed that the multiplayer for this game could be a blast, but alas. In a similar vein as Fuzion Frenzy and Mario Party, Do Not Fall offers competitive but enjoyable multiplayer that in lieu of missing players, computer controlled bots are provided. I spent sometime playing the computer, though I know it would be more fun with a group of friends.

The Bad:

Music floats in the obnoxious elevator music pool. Along with the chirpy, tinny voice of PiPi, the aural experience is something less than desirable.

The Ugly:

With a tagline “Run for Your Drink,” Do Not Fall leaves me perplexed. Why is PiPi helping me procure my beverages from an apparently possessed vending machine? The story of this curious platformer is bizarre. It speaks to large cultural differences between the West and Taiwan. What goes on in Taiwanese vending machines? I can only hope (or fear) that Do Not Fall illustrates is with a satirical prowess.

The Final Word: Buy It!

It’s $9.99, it’s fun and it has a super weird setting. Good for the family, friends and fans of classic platform games.