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I am not going to make many friends with this review, but i’m going to lay it out exactly how I see it.  Have you ever seen ‘From Dusk Til Dawn?’  I feel as though the statute of limitations on ‘Dusk’ has long since run out, so I am about to spoil that movie without spoiling this one.  In ‘Dusk,’ you have two different directors that pretty much split the movie down the middle.  You have the first half, directed by Quentin Tarantino, which is very indicative of his style and reminiscent of his other films.  About half-way through though, it turns into this crazy, over the top vampire movie, directed by Robert Rodriguez, and it leaves you feeling like “What just happened here?”  That is what viewers are in for when they step into ‘This is the End.’

I really enjoyed all of the cameos and the actors playing caricatures of themselves.  It was very funny and I laughed at a lot of the bits.  The stuff with Michael Cera?  Genius.  That said, you can only take that so far and the last half of the movie wasn’t nearly as fun and enjoyable as the first half.  I really don’t know how they could have avoided it, given the premise of the movie.  And speaking of the premise, I found myself wondering early on how they were going to end the movie.  They don’t give themselves much room on that account.  I wasn’t overly satisfied with the ending, but it is what it is.  They do the best they can trying to cap it off with a laugh.  A ridiculous laugh, but a laugh nonetheless.

If you love the people involved with this movie, by all means go see it in theaters.  Otherwise, it is a good one to catch at RedBox when they are out of the one  you went there to rent.

Ticket price: $9.00 matinee (courtesy of MoviePass)

Trailers:  The Lone Ranger, The Grandmaster, Anchorman 2, Kick Ass 2, We’re the Millers, The Heat, some movie about demon hunters that I missed the title of and Grown Ups 2


Geoff and Jordan discuss the Microsoft and Sony E3 Media Briefings and The Critics Choice Awards, as well as a good round of The Weekly Whatchas. The music in the audio program is “The Bottom Line” by Big Audio Dynamite.

Nintendo made their E3 announcements in a video this year.  If you want to watch it, I have added it below.  I’m not enough of a gamer to take Nintendo seriously anymore, but have at it!


PS4 console


I will go ahead and go through the motions here, but the biggest news is that Sony will have no DRM restricting the playing of used or rented games.  Also, many customers won’t see the value of the Kinect sensor, so the PS4 coming in at $399.99 will look like a bargain.  Sony really stuck it to the Xbox One today.  Microsoft should count themselves lucky that they were able to do their briefing first.  Following this Sony briefing would have been difficult, to put it mildly.

The show started with the standard Sony gaming montage that cycles through so fast that if you didn’t already know the titles in depth, you wouldn’t really know what you were watching.  This has always struck me as an odd practice.  After the video, Jack Tretton started talking about Vita.  Sony has big plans for Vita, with 85 more titles releasing by the end of the year.  The remote play functionality with the PS4 will secure the Vita’s position as the handheld to own.

Next up were some games for the PS3.  There was a nice run of titles, including ‘The Last of Us,’ ‘Puppeteer,’ ‘Rain,’ ‘Beyond: Two Souls,’ ‘Gran Turismo 6,’ ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto V.’

The console is now shown for the first time.  It has a similar look to the Xbox One, a mix of gloss and matte black.

Sony launches into their media portion of the briefing, talking about how exclusive content from other Sony divisions will be making its way to the PS4 through the Video Unlimited and the Music Unlimited apps.  Redbox Instant will also be arriving on PS3, PS4 and Vita.

Time for more games!  This set includes ‘The Order: 1886,’ ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall,’ DriveClub,’ ‘Knack’ and ‘The Dark Sorcerer.’

Sony is supporting indie games in a big way with the PS4, including giving developers the ability to self-publish.  They show off a pile of games, including a new Oddworld title.  This sequence is worth a watch.

The PS3 and PS4 will get exclusive Diablo III content.

SquareEnix pops up to talk about Final Fantasy XV (previously FF Versus XIII) and Kingdom Hearts III.

More games!  ‘Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag,’ ‘Watch Dogs,’ ‘NBA2K14,’ ‘Elder Scrolls: Online’ and ‘Mad Max.’

And this is where Sony sticks in the knife and twists it.  There are a number of digs at the Xbox One’s authentication requirements and reassures gamers that they support used games and have no restrictions whatsoever.  They also gloss over announcing that online multiplayer will now be a feature of Playstation Plus and will no longer be free.  It’s less than $5/mo, so I don’t think this will be a huge problem for PS4 gamers.

Adding insult to injury, Bungie shows off a multi-player demo of ‘Destiny.’

With that, Sony announces the launch price of $399.99.  Done and done!

Sam, Geoff and Brick discuss Denver ComicCon, Man of Steel and Game of Thrones, along with other entertainment news. The music in the audio program is a remix of “Behind the Wheel” by Depeche Mode.