‘The Conjuring’



You have to love these “based on a true story” horror movies.  For whatever reason, those words seem to bring more people to the theaters, and you can plainly see how much the studios exploit that fact.  The movie is doing very well, at around $61M at the time of this writing.  With a budget of only $20M, it will be no surprise to see many more of this type of movie.  On to the show!

For the unfamiliar, this is the story of a family that started experiencing odd and increasingly scary and violent events after moving into a secluded farmhouse and the paranormal investigators that come to their aid.  More than terror, ‘The Conjuring,’ does great things with dread and menace.  The anticipation of bad things happening to the family or to the investigators is so much more impactful than any of the things that actually happen.  The cast was good, with only a couple of exceptions.  As always, I loved Vera Fermiga.  She plays one of the investigators that visits the haunted house.  She is especially sensitive to spirits, their history and their motivations.  The story is fairly formulaic, but is one of the better examples of the genre.  I can easily recommend this to the fans.  It may be a little intense towards the end for people who normally shy away from horror.

I didn’t find the movie particularly scary, but there was a contributing factor.  One thing that a horror movie relies on to build tension is complete silence.  It’s what makes sudden movements, noises or other equally frightening things, frightening in the first place.  I was sitting in a mostly quiet theater, but there was a person with one of those personal breathing machines near me, so I was hearing the rhythmic hiss of the compressor during those crucial moments.  By contrast, I found the trailer to be much scarier, when I first saw it in a dark theater.

Ticket Price: $11.00, courtesy of Movie Pass

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