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There is no reason they cannot provide most of those features. What changes the gaming world D?

First of all nothing stops anyone from buyng digital and with those purchases there is no reason that MS cannot provide access to your digital purchases anywhere you log in.

Second of all there has been nothing so far that tells me there will be any big benefit to cloud being a mandatory part of each account. IF they want to prove it they should offer a title that requires a check in and online only use and then I will believe it will be something more than a promise wrapped up in a license versus ownership model. They can do this and it is the best way to show their vision.

Next, if you really think that MS was going to allow all of us to group up into packs of 10 and then allow us to share our games I think I will have some of what you are drinking. I do not think they will let 10 of us pay $6 for the next bioshock and then take turns beating it.

Gizmodo posted an article stating all the things we lost and it is a joke. MS can do almost all of these things anyway as long as people buy digitally, they are just saying they will not at this time. I prefer to have a disc I can give to a friend and then another friend. Who cares if it has to be in the tray.

Now give me a one that will not require another kinect and maybe I will not choose a steambox afterall. I will not hold my breath……