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I got it!

Woo! Happy Belated Birthday, by the way!

I ended up getting the Mario and Luigi bundle because I couldn’t find the Mario Kart bundle

The New Super Mario Bros. games are good fun. Multiplayer can be a little frustrating at times, what with everyone bumping into and jumping off of each other, but it’s still fun.

and I didn’t want the custom Zelda stuff.

Oh, yeah. Totally know what you mean. *hides his Zelda themed Wii U gamepad and 3DS* XD

Jagger, have you tried Lego City Undercover?

Sadly I have not. My Lego game backlog is quite long.. I’m not even sure I ever got around to finishing Lego Star Wars.

Lego Movie also looks good.

I don’t know about the game, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie itself.